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Pack your gear for a fun-packed weekend at Black Oak ATV Resort. Located in a beautiful, secluded region of the Appalachian Mountains, Black Oak ATV Resort offers a family-friendly break from the mundane day-to-day. We are located right by some of the best Hatfield & McCoy trails. Join us for your next ATV adventure! 

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About Our ATV Resort

Black Oak ATV Resort is a family owned and operated business with a family-friendly atmosphere. We provide an authentic and rustic experience with clean and comfortable lodging, all while being conveniently located near three major trails in the Hatfield & McCoy Trail system. Our rates are affordable, our service is impeccable, and our cabins are pristine. 
Black Oak ATV Resort was designed with you in mind.

Hatfield-Mccoy TrailS

Pocahontas Trail
Indian Ridge Trail
Pinnacle Creek Trail

A Whole Other World

Our resort is conveniently located close to local municipalities while keeping you in the bare wilderness of Wild, Wonderful West Virginia. Close by restaurants and small businesses allow you to connect with the locals

Parties & Events

During the riding season, Black Oak hosts various private and group events for added family fun. Follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest scoop.

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He didn't treat us as customers, he treated us like family."

We stayed for four days and had a great time. It was nice and quiet, very clean and comfortable, and in a safe area with very little traffic. Bruce will go out of his way to get you anything you need. He didn’t treat us as customers, he treated us like family. The pricing was very good and I would recommend this place to anyone. We will be back to stay again.

- K. Gangloff